RIB Arctic Blue

Arctic Blue RIBs

¨For those who know the difference
between a good sports RIB and
an excellent one, and for those 
who put dynamics above fancy fittings,
Arictic Blue is right up there with the b est¨

Paul Lemmer
Former editor-in-chief pf RIB International
and record holder of The Around Britain Race.

Arctic Blue 
Design by Geir Arnestad
Won Offshore Racing competitions all over the word. 

Modells (sidorna är under produktion)
Arctic Blue 35 Inboard
Arctic Blue T3 Outboard
Arctic Blue T3 Event Inboard
Arctic Blue 27 Inboard
Arctic Blue 27 Outboard
Arctic Blue 23 Inborad
Arctic Blue 23 Outboard
High Tech 32 Inboard

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