Apreamare Gozzo

Gozzo Apreamare - Gozzo 9 och nyhet Gozzo 35

¨Gozzo, thenew boat originated from an idea by Cataldo Aprea, is the result of apartnership lasting well over 10 years with designer Brunello Acampora ofVictory Design. Gozzo is an entirely brand-new boat due to its hull, drivemotor system and technological solutions; Gozzo combines a unique marine stylewith innovative technological solutions.

   The hull is at the heart of the project and it returns all the elegance to the“Gozzo Sorrentino” alongside the seagoing qualities, it has great sea-keepingproperties, extremely low consumption values at low speed but also sportyqualities that are expected today, and the utmost comfort, while speedcruising. 
   The style of the deck is of an essential nature: The deck is wide and has areasonably-sized, low and slender deck house that makes it possible to see theboat from stern to bow: the silhouette of which is very streamlined and modern.A magical windscreen appears and disappears, hosting the bimini top, for thosewho prefer not to mount the hard yop. A modern, Mediterranean-style and marineliveability consisting of wide sideboards, comfortable modular sun deck sofasand seats. The absence of obstacles and unbeatable access to the sea, enableGozzo to set new standards of comfort, simplicity of use and safety at sea.
   What you would not expect from a great little boat - a vessel - with a sleeksilhouette like Gozzo, are its interiors built at eye level with a largebathroom and a convenient, separate walk-in shower cubicle. The bright,spacious bow cabin hosts the boat owner in a small suite that makes the cruise- whether a day trip or of a longer duration - an adventure full of comfort andwellness. The kitchen area, right next to the entrance, is retractable,well-equipped and ventilated. The presence of a second cabin that can host two guestsin a double bed, makes Gozzo suitable also to accommodate family and friends.
  Gozzo is available in both single and twin-engine versions, it has beendesigned to host the most state-of-the-art propulsion system and navigationtechnology currently available on the market, including the joystickmanoeuvring and the latest generation digital mapping systems¨

Gozzo Apreamare 35 NEW