Bluegame for true sea lovers

The commitment to design and build every boat fulfilling
the owner's requirements and according to the highest quality standards, is the mission of Bluegame.

Bluegame - The Sport Utility Boat - SUB

Built For The Wild and The Wild At Heart.
Luca Santella

Bluegame BG 42
Bluegame BG 62
Bluegame BG X60
Bluegame BG X70

Concept & Design Arch. Luca Santella (Founder of Bluegame)

Restyling & interior design  Zuccon International Design

Water lines N.A. Lui T. Codega

Finns med på båtmässor 2020 
Cannes 8-13/9
Genova 1-6/10

Vi jobbar som broker med Bluegame.
Mera info 0708707170 Ari Jukkola

Bluegame 42

Bluegame 62

Bluegame X60 NEW

Bluegame X70