1017 GT

Frauscher - engineers of emotions

Both exterior and interior were honoured at the Motor Boat Awards 2014 - the 1017 GT won the ¨Performance Boat¨category.

Motor Mercruiser eller Volvo 2x300 - 2x430 hk
Fart 44-58 knop

Längd 999 cm
Bredd 299 cm
Vikt    3.900 kg

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Visningsbåtar St Tropez, Palma, Garda april-oktober

Försäljning 0046 (0) 708707170

FRAUSHER 1017 GT - Story

An award-winning, top-classgentlemen’s racer with an exclusive interior, this spacious and unclutteredyacht offers ultimate on-board comfort. Yet the key features of the 1017 GT arethe power, manoeuvrability and great style typical for Frauscher: simpledesign, clear lines and the use of top-quality materials both on and belowdeck.
The 1017 GT guarantees speed and beautiful handling on both rough and flatseas. Both exterior and interior were honored at the Motor Boat Awards 2014:the 1017 GT won the “Performance Boat” category.
For lovers of speed, this boat is also available with more powerful engines onrequest.