1414 DEMON

Frauscher - engineers of emotions -

Best of Boats Award BOB - 14 europeiska båtmedia utsåg 2016 års bästa motorbåtar i olika klasser. 
Vinnare:  Best for Fun - Frauscher 1414 Demon!
BOB-juryn utsåg österrikiska Frauscher 1414 Demon till segrare i klass Best For Fun.

Längd 1390 (46 ft)
Brädd   390
Vikt     10.000 kg 
Motor MarCruiser eller Volvo 2x400-2x520 hk, fart 45 knop

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Visningsbåtar St Tropez, Mallorca, Garda april-Oktober

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Försäljning  0708 707170 info@ariboat.com 

Frauscher 1414 Demon - Story

The Frauscher 1414 Demon raises the Frauscher feeling to thenext level! 

An extraordinary 46 foot offshorer has been conceived whichcomplements the unique Frauscher design by a perfect living space for a weekendtrip. 

The 1414 Demon combines typical Frauscher design elements like the flatbow with the vertical stem, the tinted and frameless windshield or the airinlets in carbon with a sporting driving pleasure unique to 46 foots.

The 1414 Demon provides lots of living space: a relaxing loungeatmosphere with a large bathing plattform and an outdoor bar meet a uniquely designed interior with enough headroom, aspacious bathroom, a kitchenette, a large sitting area and asleeping accommodation for up to four people. In the quality of workmanship andthe used materials almost 90 years of boat building experience are reflectedand show boat building at the highest possible level. 

Are you ready for your Demon?